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Weight Loss Results

We are grateful to our patients who have so generously allowed us to share their most private thoughts and inspirations with you.

MaryRead About Mary’s
Weight Loss Experience

68 lbs in 5 months

100 lbs in 14 months

Roden“Dr. Bonilla’s weight loss program is wonderful. I’ve lost over 50 lbs. Thanks to the entire staff, I’m healthier, happier and my self-confidence is back! The road is long and difficult, but never give up or stop believing in yourself. I didn’t, and neither did they!”

Rochele R. 78 lbs. 10 months

Pat“Dr. Bonilla’s weight loss program is wonderful. I’ve lost over 50 lbs. and have learned how to manage my diet for a healthy life. Dr. Bonilla and his staff are friendly and very supportive. I highly recommend Dr. Bonilla and his program to anyone who is serious about weight loss.”

Patricia M. 53 lbs. 5 Months

Trish“I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Bonilla and his staff for their expertise and caring attitude throughout my weight loss period. I look forward to the transition and maintenance phase as I know the same expert advise and caring attitude will prevail…The most rewarding aspect of the program has been influencing my friends, co-workers and family to make a change in healthier eating and exercising habits. I’ve also seen Dr. Bonilla change and save lives. As a nurse, this is an overwhelming feeling I can’t put into words. It only makes me cry!”

Trish L. RN 54 lbs. 5 months

Tom“Dr. Bonilla’s program provides many of the tools necessary to overcome the power of food addiction. Once weight began coming off, a very nice lifestyle cycle began. More weight loss, more exercise, more exercise, and more weight loss. The weekly weigh in is vital. Having lost over 25% of my original weight, people I have known for a long period are convinced I have gone through the stomach staple method. If you are committed to better health, the expense involved has been the best investment I have ever made. Dr. Bonilla can provide all the tools and support needed. My new goal is 200 lbs on my 57th birthday!”

Tom B. 58 lbs. 7 months; total lost 70 lbs and still counting!

Dawn“I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time…This REALLY works!”

Dawn A. 55 lbs. 6 months

Bonnie“This is not a diet, this is a change in lifestyle and eating habits. I now have amazing energy and feel great about myself. Dr. Bonilla and his staff have been a strong source of support and nutritional knowledge. I now have the tools I need to maintain my new healthy lifestyle.”

Bonnie R. 82 lbs. in 9 months

Tammy“I highly recommend Dr. Bonilla’s weight management program. Dr. Bonilla has really helped me understand and accept that this is not a diet but a life style change. He has kept me on track and accountable with my weekly check ins and food logs. He has provided good advice and has had answers for many questions that I have had.

I can honestly say that I had never dieted before. I knew that I would not be committed and was not ready. I have always eaten healthy foods and not junk foods but my issue has always been portion control. I would eat good food but lots of it. I have been overweight since the birth of my children.

As for any life style change, you have to be ready for the commitment both mentally and emotionally to be successful. You will also need the support of family and friends to help you through your tough times and to help you keep your will power. Once you get to the point that others start seeing the physical difference in your appearance, it gives you great satisfaction and more incentive to continue to move forward and try to meet your goal even faster.

Dr. Bonilla’s program worked for my lifestyle with having a family. I was able to start with protein supplements during the day and still cook and eat dinner with my family at night. of course my meal was a limited menu but I was still able to incorporate it into my family’s meal for a family dinner, which was important to me.

I have made it fun. I love to cook. I have taken many recipes and changed them to fit my plan. My family actually now eats most of the same foods I eat. They too have lost weight, are eating healthier and are much more health conscious of what they eat. My kids are 11 and 14 and are frequently asking questions and reading labels to decide if they should or should not eat or drink something. This in itself has been worth the experience of this program.

I am still in the process and have lost 65 lbs. so far. I am not sure what my goal is. I will know when I get there. I am thinking another 10-15 pounds. It really hasn’t been hard since I have gotten into it. It is all in the mind and self control and how bad your really want it!!

If you are willing to make an honest commitment, want to feel better and healthier, I would strongly recommend Dr. Bonilla and his expertise and background on weight management.”

Tammy S. 65 lbs. at time of testimonial

Joe“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Doctor Bonilla and the personalized care he has given me. I know through our busy lives we tend to forget about what means the most, taking care of ourselves and our health. I found myself back in January 2007 of this year faced with a serious issue. I was a borderline diabetic. I knew I had gained some weight which was the main reason for this dreaded disease. I had heard about Dr. Bonilla through a dear friend of mine. What I found was a fantastic doctor who truly cares about his patients.Not only did I lose over 40 lbs. and go from a size 38 waist to a size 32 waist in just about 8 months, I feel great! I gained a tremendous amount of energy and most importantly, restored confidence in myself and well being.I have recommended about four really close friends to Doctor Bonilla and they all feel the same way I do. I highly recommend doctor Bonilla to anyone who wants some help getting back on the right track. THANK YOU DOCTOR BONILLA!!!”

Joe V. 40 lbs. 8 months

Elisa“Soy paciente del Doctor Maurice Bonilla : y por medio de la presente quiere darle mis mas sinceros agradecimiento por la ayuda y el apoyo que tanto el, como el personal de la clinica me han dado. Sin dejar de mencionar la fuerza de volontad que se debe tener, “pero si es posible lograrlo”, pues cuando visite al Doctor por primero vez yo pesaba 252 lb., y en tan solo 7 meses, he bajado 87 lb. Puedo decir sin temor a equivocarme que me siento como di fuera otra persona, y mi hoto estima es totalmente diferente. Es por eso que estimulo a las personas que ahora se sienten como on dia ale senti yo a que visiten al Doctor Bonilla, que puedan experimentar por ellos misma la immensa alegria, y agradecimiento que ahora siento yo. Tan sol puedo decir mil gracias Doctor Bonilla.”

Elisa A. 87 lbs. 7 months

Miguel“Going to Dr. Bonilla’s office was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The friendly staff always makes me feel comfortable with their endless knowledge and caring attitude. I once felt like I was in a dark cave, without knowing where to go. Dr. Bonilla handed me a torch and a map with my destination. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for that. It’s been a life changing journey that is still happening today. Thank you, Dr. Bonilla and staff, my loving friends and family, and all my wonderful co-workers at Morstan for all the help and support along the way!”

Miguel C. 103 lbs. 5 months

Noel S“I now have control over my hunger so I am able to make better choices. Thanks for giving me my life back!”

Noel S. 75 lbs. 8 months

“Thank you, Dr. Bonilla. I’m now full of energy, happy and dating again. I’ve kept committed to my lifestyle change and daily behavior. Be true to yourself. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.”

Eloise H. 42 lbs. 4 months

“I wanted to let you know how happy I have been in your care for the last year and one half. Losing 40 pounds and keeping it off for over one year is something that I had never been able to accomplish on my own. My past diet experience had been fad diets. Starving myself, cabbage soup diet, high protein and diet shakes. If there was a fad diet I have probably tried it! I would loose the weight fast but always gained it back. As I got older the weight was harder to loose. I finally realized I needed some help. I lost weight every week and felt great doing it. i had lots of energy and my muscle tone is the best it has ever been. The plan is simple; healthy foods in the correct portions, exercise and the support of a caring staff and physician. I can’t emphasize how important maintenance has been to me. Going once a month helps me keep my “eye on the ball” as to my healthy weight goal. Maintenance is the perfect time to emphasize what is working and tweaking what is not. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to wear “skinny” jeans, sexy dresses and shorts again. My only regret is that I didn’t come to you sooner!”

Kathryn M. 30 lbs. 2 months ; 40 lbs. total

“All my life I’ve struggled to maintain a healthy weight, so before beginning Dr. Bonilla’s weight loss program, I was apprehensive. I worried it would have the same result as every other diet I had tried in the past: I’d gain every pound back! However, all of my worries or doubts were quickly eliminated after my first consultation with Dr. Bonilla. He assured me that he would give me the essential tools needed for a lifestyle change, and he met his promise.The luxurious office and kind natured staff me feel comfortable during the entire weight loss journey. The weekly weigh ins serve as a great motivator, and Dr. Bonilla offers a variety of products that make the transition to eating right simple and stress-free. You will learn how to eat properly and lead an active lifestyle, not for a temporary fix, but for the long term benefits. I am finally secure with who I see when I look in the mirror and I’ve kept the weight off! I owe this new chapter of my life to Dr. Bonilla and urge anyone who desires a healthy, permanent change to make an appointment as soon as possible.”

Patricia G. 20 lbs. 2 months

“Thank you Dr. Bonilla! Before commencing Dr. Bonilla’s plan, I was a happy mother of two beautiful little boys (3 years and 6 months). But if weight has anything to do with happiness, which I know it does not. I was a little too happy! I had taken for granted the speed of light metabolism I had once possessed in my twenties. Now, after two pregnancies, I was 50 pounds overweight and self-conscious of my appearance. Going out in public meant having to find an outfit that I didn’t look horrible in, which was pretty hard to do. Thus, staying in-doors became my favorite pastime. I was also tired. The extra weight made it that much harder to get motivated.

When I first began the plan, I was nervous. Could I, a woman who loves the taste of “real”foods, ever be able to drink shakes and eat food supplements? In a word: yes. While I could never stomach those “other”shakes, the shakes offered in the plan are delicious. So much so that my brother asks me to pick some up so he can have a quick and easy breakfast on his way to work. The food supplements do taste like”real”food and eating sensible is not as difficult as one may think. You can eat almost anything if you maintain your portions to a reasonable amount. Approximately 4 months and 40 pounds later, I am feeling like my old self again. I look good, therefore I feel good. The other day my mother told me she was so happy to see her “lost’ daughter again. Truth be told, so am I. Doctor Bonilla’s plan has been a blessing in my life and I would recommend it to anyone who is ready to get to the weight they have longed for.”

Lia S. 43 lbs. in 4 months

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